At 5NINES, we are proud to be the local sponsors of the 2018 #ImListening campaign at Madison radio stations WOLX, TripleM and the Mix.  This campaign’s mission is to de-stigmatize mental illness and raise awareness on mental health.

Peter Streicher

Peter Streicher

Raising awareness of mental health is a personal mission for Todd Streicher and Rylee Wedekind, two co-founders of 5NINES.  In 2013, Todd’s brother, Peter, killed himself.   His death was devastating to friends and family.

“We were left trying to understand his pain and suffering that he kept hidden from those who loved him”,  remembers Todd.

Since Peter’s death, they have made it their mission to become informed and to raise awareness about mental health, depression, anxiety to perhaps prevent another death of a loved one.

Each year 5NINES raises money for NAMI Dane County which provides local education, support, and advocacy for people affected by mental illness in Dane County.

It’s our hope at 5NINES, that we will talk more openly and honestly about what mental health is and isn’t over the coming years.

To learn how funny, loving and irreverent Peter was, read about him at  or visit his memorial page on Facebook.